Genetic Testing Facts or Fiction

4 Feb

Did you or someone you know receive a genetic test kit over the Holidays? The following is the information regarding these tests from different research studies done around world.

What makes you who you are is a detailed set of blueprints contained in every cell of your body. These blueprints are your DNA which helps determine a broad scope of traits from a person’s hair color to inherited diseases. The genetic tests available in the market offer you detailed data of your health problems and suggest personalized workout and nutrition plans.

genetictestingMedical professionals and researches advise that if you know you are at high risk for a disease, you can request a genetic test or advice from your physician. Clinical genetic testing is more comprehensive than the market DNA testing and look at many more parts of a gene.

They also say that the information obtained only by the DNA tests is not sufficient to determine a person’s health risks. There are many other factors such as a person’s diet, weight, exercise habits, gender, environment, smoking status and other lifestyles that influence the chances of developing a disease.

Another popular genetic testing is the Diet and Fitness testing. This offer information on the foods a person should eat or the exercise a person should do for peak fitness. However, Christopher Gardner, Ph.D., a professor of medicine at Stanford University School of Medicine, says that the field of personalized nutrition genetic testing “is in its infancy”. In other words, nutrition genetic testing is not ready to design a person’s diet or physical activity. Instead, people should obtain personalized recommendations tailored to them and their lifestyle from a genetic and diet professional.

Eating smart, moving more, making lifestyle changes, decreasing your stress levels and sleeping good may help you to avoid being overweight and to prevent chronic diseases. This should be the first step towards a healthy and happy life.





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