Seafood facts By Maleeha Rahim and Ines Beltran

12 Jul

Fish is something that we might pass by all the time while grocery shopping. But surprisingly, many people are not eating the recommended amount of fish or other seafood as part of their diet. According to the USDA, it is important to eat about 8 ounces of seafood per week (and less for young children).

And there is not just one type of fish—there are many! Having a variety of seafood during meals is a great way to get protein and B vitamins while also trying new recipes and flavors. Omega-3 fatty acids, EPA and DHA are a few beneficial nutrients found in fish as well. These three nutrients that play a role in anti-inflammatory processes, are essential for proper fetal development and healthy aging.

Seafood and fish that are high in nutrients and low in mercury, (a heavy metal), are the best option. These include: salmon, herring, sardines, Atlantic and Pacific mackerel, anchovies, trout, and more! Pacific oysters are also a great choice for seafood.

There might be some picky eaters who do not like fish and only eat the more traditional types of meat, such as chicken or beef. Also there are people who love eating fish, but cook it in a way in which the nutrients won’t be at their fullest.

Frying may seem like an easy and sometimes tasty way to cook fish. But, eating any fried food contributes to more caloric intake. To get the most nutrients out of fish, it is better to use other cooking methods such as steaming, baking, broiling, and grilling- and even picky eaters will eat fish cooked this way.

Try fresh or frozen fish. I have cooked thawed salmon on the grill and it was delicious! Just follow the instructions for thawing the salmon from the package and be sure your grill is very clean so the fish does not stick to the grill. Happy eating!

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