Metabolism and Body Weight

10 Feb

breakfast - CopyEvery day I eat a good breakfast as well as snacks between my meals. I have exercised on a regular basis for the last 20 years and my weight has been steady for the last 12 years. People have commented that I have to be thankful for my high metabolism, so I decided to read more about metabolism and its effects on body weight. This is what I found:

Overweight is mostly a result of the body storing energy as fat because there is an excess of it.  Sometimes hormonal problems or an underlying medical condition may affect metabolism. Age-related factors that reduce our calorie requirement and affect our weight are as follows:

Hormones – Men produce less testosterone and women less estrogen with age. Human growth hormone diminish as we age, resulting in a much higher susceptibility for a high fat to muscle-ratio and weight gain.

Menopause – As women approach menopause, a drop in hormones occurs causing the body to use up more energy. Experts say menopausal and post-menopausal weight gain is only partly due to hormonal changes, but being less physically active without reducing calorie intake is the main cause in many cases.

Gender – men have a higher basal metabolic rate (BMR) than women because their muscle-to-fat ratio is higher than women’s. This means that an average man will burn more calories than an average woman of the same age and weight.

Here are options to help you to lose or maintain your weight regardless of risk factors:

  1. To lose weight, you have to find out what your daily calorie requirements are, and be sure you do not have an underlying health condition which may be causing your weight gain. Here are two links to help you with your body weight planner and your physical activity level:
  1. You should focus on three crucial factors that contribute to losing weight and maintaining your ideal body weight. The following factors also have an impact on metabolism:

Take some time to review the information from the links above and start your own plan for a healthy life!

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