Radon Action Month is over… but lets continue the conversation!

30 Jan
Radon meeting n Gwinnett

Pamela Turner, UGA Associate professor and housing and environment specialist, Inés Beltrán, Danna Lynch and Edda Cotto-Rivera, all Family and Consumer Sciences Agents from Gwinnett, Monroe  and DeKalb counties respectively, and Gabrielle Walters, UGA Radon Educator. 

The 2016 national celebration of the Radon Action Month is over, but radon is a topic that we should discuss all year long. This past week, a group of stakeholders got together at the UGA Gwinnett Campus to continue this conversation. Home inspectors, representatives from EPA and the CDC, radon mitigators, non profit organizations representatives, Gwinnett county officials, UGA staff and Extension Family and Consumer Sciences agents attended a Radon symposium sponsored by the University of Georgia Radon Program.

Radon is real! Is a natural occurring gas responsible for lung cancer deaths in the United States. Taking action is the recommended behavior:

Take action to test your home for radon levels, take action to mitigate your home if your levels are higher than 4 pCi/L , take action to let others know about this health threat.

Let’s congratulate Gwinnett County for taking action by implementing the Appendix F code recommendations for new construction! And let’s congratulate those who are willing to continue educating our community .  Radon:Test.Fix. Save a Life.

For more information contact :www.UGAradon.org







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