Today we ate together…. let’s do it again! Getting ready to celebrate the National Dine in Day!

27 Nov

photo comida

During the Thanksgiving festivities, thousands of people travel to meet with their families, and share a delicious dinner sitting together at the family table. The holiday is filled with moments of camaraderie and pleasant conversation. Did you know that there are many benefits when the family decides to eat at home rather than out at a restaurant?

December the 3rd marks the National Dine in day and we are inviting you to participate. When families eat together the risk of obesity and weight problems is reduced, family relationships and communication improves, there are increase opportunities to eat healthy food and to save money. It has also been proven that children and young people who eat at home with family improve their grades in school!

It is likely that the task of eating together might seem difficult for some; over 80% of people in the United States eat at least one meal outside the home each week. On December 3 take about thirty minutes to prepare a delicious meal that is both simple and healthy and share it at the table again. Join the campaign and share your experience by visiting the website

Thousands joined the National Dine in Day in 2014 … .. join the 2015 movement!

Prepare and eat a healthy meal with your family on December 3rd and share a photo on your social media sites! Remember to use hashtags #FCSday and #healthyfamselfie on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.



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