Connecting with our readers

30 Oct


When we write to serve an audience, we always wonder: Who will be on the other side of the screen? How can we ensure that the content of our work is fulfilling the expectations of our readers?

The format of this blog allows us to connect with a diverse audience. Being connected with other social media outlets like Facebook, allows us to know that we have a group that follows our writing. Occasionally our readers respond or comment on the issues presented and that we love it!

Mrs. Maria Caridad Mestres is one of our frequent followers, and this week I was able to visit her at her home to bring a gift from Bilingual Opinions. A set of flavorful spices that she plans to use with the recipes she likes to prepare.

Her favorite spice, is the onion. Did you know that onions can help improve cholesterol levels in our body? When we eat the different varieties of onions available in the market we can also help reduce the risk of heart disease. Caridad is a longtime friend and I know that she enjoys learning about good nutrition, new recipes and other health- related issues. She is a community leader and likes to share what she learns with others. Thanks for reading our blog! Enjoy the many new healthy recipes that you are planning to prepare! We hope to read your future comments, after reading our future postings in Bilingual Opinions ……


One Response to “Connecting with our readers”

  1. bilingualopinions November 5, 2015 at 8:15 pm #

    Thank you Maria for following our blog!!

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