UGA Extension host the 2015 National Urban Extension Conference in Atlanta

12 May

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Extension professionals and stakeholders from across the nation gathered during the first week of May in Atlanta to shared experiences, ideas and solutions to the reality of providing services in urban and suburban communities. Vibrant speakers encouraged the audience, dedicated presenters share their best research-based work with colleagues and participants got to know Atlanta from behind the scene experiences.

Ines and I had the distinctive opportunity to collaborate with the organization of the conference in different levels and were able to establish many professional connections that will have an impact across state lines. The conference speakers presented on diverse topics including: aging, nutrition, urban gardening, technology, funding ideas, youth leadership and environmental issues among many.

Everyone in attendance received a dose of inspiration provided by the conference speakers: Dr. Laura Perry Johnson, our new Dean of Extension, Monica Kauffman Pearson, a renowned TV personality from Atlanta, David Hankerson, a devoted public servant, Michael Thurmond, a recognized leader and visionary and Andy Goodman, a nationally recognized speaker.

Dr. Perry Johnson welcomed the audience and provided us with a comprehensive description of Atlanta and surrounding areas and how Extension is still a viable system to improve the urban life of residents. Monica challenged us to build meaningful working relationships with the media and Mr. Hankerson highlighted the productive working relationship between counties and Extension. Michael Thurmond captivated us with his life experiences and invitation to serve others and Mr. Goodman confronted us to tell our stories in a more personable way.

We shared many ideas, provided a face to the issues and sparked the need for collaboration. Many expressed their satisfaction for a meaningful conference and the local team of Extension professionals strengthened its working ties. The past was honored, the dream is a reality and the future is bright!







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