Organizing a pantry!

17 Apr


This week my family experienced one of the most pleasant events that almost every parent wishes to live. My daughter and her husband moved into their new home. Homeowners have to make many decisions and have to organize many areas in their home! They have to make decisions about furniture and paint colors among others.

When the time to organize the pantry came, my daughter asked me to help her. Let me list some of the things I shared with her:

  • Establish an organization system that works for you. Decide on the categories you are going to use to divide and classify the ingredients and the food items that you have available or the ones you are thinking to purchase. For example divide that articles the following way: canned products, flour and dry goods, liquid condiments, spices, snacks, etc.
  • Food items should be stored inside a cool, dry and clean place.
  • Decide ahead of time in what place you are going to store the articles you bring home. The ones you are planning to use daily should be placed on the most accessible shelve.
  • Remember and use a very important rule. First in first out. (FIFO) This rules suggest that when you bring new items home those should be stored behind the ones you already have. This can help you think about those ingredients and use them to prepare meals that can help you manage your family budget in a better way and prevent spoilage.
  • Pay attention to the expiration dates on the items you buy. You might see the terms “expiration date” or “best I use by “ with a specific date.
  • Occasionally we have too many things stored inside the pantry and we forget all about it. When we go to the store then we buy more. It is important that the family has a supply of food items for emergencies, but we don’t need to keep four bottles of pancake syrup at the same time. Keep a pencil and paper available to keep track of the items you need to replace.
  • When your pantry is to full it is more difficult to plan weekly menus or we face the challenge of having products get spoiled without noticing it.
  • It is a good idea to use airtight containers that seal well to prevent food spoilage. You can use baskets or plastic boxes to organize some food items and placed them on the most accessible areas.
  • If you notice that some of your products are about to expire you and donate them to a community organization or maybe you can share with somebody you know is going to use them before the expiration date.
  • Remember to clean the pantry since some of the food crumbs can accumulate and attract unwanted pests.

Be intentional and have the best pantry ever!

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