Nutrition’s Balance

23 Jan


At the beginning of the year we usually schedule lots of classes with different community groups. Many of the participants expect that we talk to them about the usual New Year’s resolutions. As always, the two top resolutions tend to be related to our eating and exercise habits. On a recent search about healthy eating I came across an article published by the University of Georgia’s Health Center. They provided a list of factors that contributes to a balance or an “out of balance” diet.

Before I share this valuable insight, I would like to clarify that diet is not use on this article as a word to describe the regimen we initiate to either lose weight or manage a chronic disease condition. Diet is referring to the kinds of food we eat on a regular basis. To have a balance diet we need to concentrate on six main contributors: Consistency, Conscious and Thoughtful eating, Health, Variety, Pleasure and Taste, and our social environment. These six elements will help us establish good and sound habits that will benefit us by: encouraging us to have three balanced meals or several small ones with snacks daily, eat when we feel hunger signals and stop when they disappear and chose to eat foods that can provide good and necessary nutrients, while enjoying those choices with those who are important in our lives.

An out of balance diet can be:
• Food obsessed- We eat without a purpose and let food ruled our lives
• Restrictive- We only focus on eating certain foods and forget about the importance of variety
• Boring- Does not bring any pleasure to our lives and to those who are important to us
• Overly rigid- In terms of portions, choices and schedules among other factors
• Not in touch with hunger- We are not following or feeling the signals that our body is sending
• Too much fat or sugar- Concentrates in excessive amounts of this components that does not contribute to our health
• Unconscious eating- Does not provide a meaningful purpose for our food intake
• Always dieting- Is all about a season in our lives instead of being a lifestyle choice
For more information about healthy eating you can contact your local UGA Extension office or our office in DeKalb404-298-4080 or in Gwinnett 678-377-4010. Let’s keep the balance!

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