In search of Easter eggs

17 Apr

easter eggs 2

During spring time, families begin to enjoy many outdoor events. The spring celebrations are filled with color and flavor as the children eagerly wait for the day when they can search for the Easter eggs. Parents, grandparents and other adults enjoy planning and preparing for the special event. Many prefer to decorate their own colored eggs and follow different methods to complete the task.

However, many families forget about several important steps that can help prevent the development of diseases related to food that may be caused by Salmonella. These bacteria can be present if you use hard boiled eggs boiled for the festivities.

The main recommendation is that we use some eggs for decorating and search and others for eating. In reality, it would be much better to use only plastic eggs for the games of the day. Coloring and decorating the eggs can be a fun activity, but if you are planning do so be sure to use only dyes that can be eaten and keep the eggs in the refrigerator until just before you begin the search.

Other important recommendations you should follow when touching and working with the eggs includes the following:

  • Although the eggs are boiled, do not allowed them to be without refrigeration for more than two hours.
  • If you are going to empty the eggs to use the eggshells, be careful and use only eggs that are pasteurized. Others might have Salmonella. If pasteurized eggs are not available disinfect the eggs before touching them with your mouth.
  • Bottom of Form
  • Use hot water and rinse them with a teaspoon of bleach per each half a cup of water.
  • Use raw eggs as soon as possible and do not store in the refrigerator.
  • If you are going to hide the eggs out, choose a clean place where pets or animals have not been.
  • The hard-boiled eggs should be eaten no later than seven days.

Everybody enjoys searching for the beautiful and colorful eggs. Do everything you can to make them safe as well for you and your entire family.





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