New canning technology on the market

18 Mar

For some people, following the steps for traditional boiling water canning is a bit overwhelming in the beginning. From preheating the jars to removing the preserved food from the boiling water, you have to actively monitor, well, everything! If yimagesCA146X16ou don’t, your food runs a greater risk of carrying harmful bacteria or spoiling on the shelf.

 There is a new automatic canning system on the market in which you still have to prepare the recipe for canning and clean the jars, lids, and bands beforehand, but it will preheat your jars and process your food for you. It also removes some of the responsibility, thanks to an array of sensors. That means you won’t have to stare at water boiling for a prolonged period of time and you won’t need to worry about things like altitude, or the time and temperature required to safely preserving your favorite foods.

 This new appliance is not a pressure canner. It works with recipes that fit the category of boiling water canning only, and only with specific recipes provided by the manufacturer. The boiling water approach is only safe with acidic foods like jams and jellies, fruits, tomatoes, salsas, pickles, and fruit sauces. Low-acid foods like meat and vegetables have to be preserved in a pressure canner to rule out potential botulism contamination.

These new automatic canning systems are not all-purpose boiling water canners. You can only use these new devices with their recipes. We do not recommend altering home canning recipes. They must be used as stated to ensure the proper acidity for the canning process.

The capacity of this canner is three quart jars, four pint jars, or six regular mouth half pints. Stacking jars insimagesCAYCZ8Z3ide the canner is not recommended, so if you were to use wide mouth half-pints, it would only be able to hold four.

This could be an option to get nervous beginners acclimated to canning. It may also be desirable for people who want to can but have small kids or work responsibilities that makes it hard to tend a canning pot. Once the food is prepared and jars filled, you put the jars in the appliance, select the proper setting, and let the pre-set cycle for processing take place. You just have to stay close enough to open it and remove the jars once the time is up.

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