Time is running out …..get your health coverage before March 31!

20 Jan



       When a new year starts, many of us will make plans to complete many goals related to our life, health and well-being. Having appropriate health insurance is  important when we consider the resources we have  to pay for healthcare services. The Marketplace is the available tool we can use to determine the options we have to pay for health coverage.(HealthCare.gov)

With the new healthcare law, it is important that every individual and every family makes a definite decision before March 31 of 2014, about the status of their healthcare coverage. March 31 marks the end of the open enrollment period. After March 31, you could only apply if an specific situation occurs in your life like marriage, divorce, and changes in your income, among others.  When you visit the Marketplace you can review plans, rates and receive information about low cost coverage that might be available for you.

 If you are employed and you are satisfied with your health plan you can keep it, or you can review your options at the Marketplace to determine if the plans you are eligible for are a better fit for your own situation. It is important to remember that if you don’t have coverage during 2014 you may have to pay a fee. On the other hand if you have Medicare you are already covered and don’t need to make any changes.

There are several organizations providing assistance to the public for this process and the University of Georgia is one of those. We have a group of health navigators who can assist you with the process and are able to offer you valid information you will need to complete your application when needed. We invite you to contact the navigators at UGANavigators.org or to call the UGA Navigators helpline at 1-877-7Navigate (1-877-762-8442).

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