Extension reaches out to the Burmese population

12 Dec


Jessica Hill demonstrate different spices participants can use instead of salt, to prepare healthier meals.

DeKalb County is the third most populated county in the state of Georgia. County officials usually highlight the fact that DeKalb has been recognized as one of Georgia’s most culturally diverse communities. More than 64 languages representing Asian, Hispanic, European, and African cultures are spoken. The county has also become a shelter for Asian, African, Iraqi and Latino people who seek asylum due to difficult circumstances in their home countries.
DeKalb County recently delivered a cancer prevention class to a group of Burmese women and children in collaboration with the county’s Women’s Refugee Center. The class, presented with the assistance of an interpreter, provided a great opportunity to educate these new comers and expose them to Extension and the University of Georgia. Funded in part by the American Cancer Society, this class provides crucial information to participants about the importance of early detection, screening activities, and nutrition practices in the prevention of cancer. The group enjoyed tasting new recipes that were low in fat and rich in fiber and nutrients. This class is offered to the community at no cost. For more information, please contact your local Extension office. In DeKalb County, call 404-298-4080 and in Gwinnett County, call 678-377-4014.

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