National Diabetes Month

4 Nov

salsa figures

Dancing the Salsa during the National Diabetes Month

            This week my county extension coordinator shared with me an article published in a recognized diabetes magazine. The featured story is about my favorite singer and fellow Puerto Rican Gilberto Santa Rosa, who is the Latino Ambassador for the American Diabetes Association, during the National Diabetes month celebration that starts this month.  Eight years ago Gilberto discovered that he had diabetes, but that has not been a reason to stop singing, dancing and entertaining his fans spread around the world.

Santa Rosa’s goal, who has received countless recognitions for his contagious music, is to share an educational message with the Hispanic community about the incidence and the realities of diabetes. Latinos have 66% higher risk of having diabetes. He is also sharing that is very important that if you have diabetes you should visit your doctor to get informed about the treatment and the different alternatives available for each person. He encourages us to stay active and moving to help prevent and manage diabetes.

African Americans of non-Hispanic origin and Hispanic adults are less active (43.2% and 44.7 % respectively) than non-Hispanic whites (31%), according to the National Institutes of Health. To increase our physical activity, the American Diabetes association recommends that we dance to the rhythm of at least three of our favorite songs every day. I know that I don’t have a problem doing that following the salsa rhythms of Gilberto Santa Rosa! Which rhythms do you like?  Let’s dance salsa during the National Diabetes Month!

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