Life’s Simple 7

4 Oct

Coalicion Mariela

From left to right: Inés Beltrán, Mariela Romero and Edda Cotto-Rivera

Last week Ines and I were invited by Mariela Romero of Univision Atlanta o attend the Hispanic Health Coalition Annual Latinos for Health Luncheon. The activity proved to be a success since lots of community representatives and members of many organizations gathered to recognized several leaders who have done a great job advocating for the Hispanic community in our state.

Dr. Eduardo Montaña, Chair of the coalition; led the group in recognizing leaders, highlighting some of the initiatives the coalition has in place to contribute to the health of the community. The audience was engaged by the excellent presentation from Dr. Eduardo Sanchez, Deputy Chief Medical Officer for the American Heart Association. Dr. Sanchez passionately presented data about the importance of health care access for Latinos, recognizing the importance of education as one of the main factors in reducing morbidity and mortality among our growing community.

We were invited to review the seven key factors that can help prevent, or manage many chronic conditions that usually affect our lives. Based on the program from the American Heart Association, people are encouraged to determine their health statuses by checking how well you are keeping up with the following:

  • Being physically active – Exercising frequently during your week.
  • Keeping a healthy weight – Getting to know your Body Mass Index and aiming for a healthy body weight is important.
  • Eating a healthy diet – Increasing your consumption of fruits, vegetables and fish.
  • Maintaining healthy cholesterol levels – Making sure your levels are lower than 200mg/dL
  • Keeping blood pressure down – Know your numbers lower your sodium intake and take your medication if you need them.
  • Regulating blood sugar levels – High levels of sugar in the blood can cause diabetes and increase your risk for other conditions like kidney and heart disease.
  • No smoking – If you smoke, seek help to quit. Quitting will improve your health and reduce your risk for many illnesses.

Let’s review these seven crucial steps and start living a healthier life!!

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