The Fair Exhibition was a success!

14 Sep

CAM00086In the center of the picture, I am surrounded by some of the volunteers from the International Association of Administrative Professionals of Gwinnett County with the entries in the background.

The Gwinnett County Fair Exhibition for 2013 was a success. More than 150 adults and 90 youths came to the Gwinnett fairgrounds this past Monday, January 9th to enter their art work, needle work, pictures, Holiday Houses, and other items, into the contest that the Family and Consumer Sciences of the University of Georgia Gwinnett Extension organizes every year.

France Hernandez from the Extension and I, along with two Extension retirees worked together with 14 volunteers of the International Association of Administrative Professionals of Gwinnett County, led by Phyllis Lowe. We received more than 1,200 items made by the participants. The items entered were marked and classified according to the type of work for judging on Tuesday afternoon.

For almost three hours, the 27 invited judges, studied each item to determine the best work submitted in each category. Among the judges were five retiree Family and Consumer Sciences Agents, professional photographers, and experienced teachers. After the judges finished their review, the last task was to prepare the display of all the entries. The winning items had ribbons attached to them.

I am thankful for the hard work done by France with all of the forms and paper work, and for Kitty Shepard with her firsthand knowledge with the exhibit during the entire two days. Lastly I am grateful for the work of the volunteers with whom I share stories and jokes with while displaying the items on Tuesday afternoon.

Thank you to everyone for their efforts and collaborations that made the Gwinnett Fair Exhibition a success!

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