It’s time to join Walk Georgia!

6 Sep

Walk GA 4

In the picture from left to right: Janet Hollingsworth, Appling County, Susan Howington, Henry County, Raymond Joyce, Laurens County, and Edda Cotto-Rivera and Jessica Hill from DeKalb County.

Last Sunday at the Atlanta Motor Speedway, I participated in the “Family Track Walk”, an event were we promoted the first day of registration for Walk Georgia. More than 1,000 people enjoyed this activity which purpose is to stay active and healthy. Many of them took the opportunity to register and participate in the Walk Georgia program.

Walk Georgia is a free 12-week program sponsored by the University of Georgia Cooperative Extension,  and supported in part by the Coca Cola Foundation. It is designed to help people to maintain a record of their physical activity, and motivate them to stay active and healthy. The time you spend doing your favorite activity is converted into miles so you can travel “virtually” across the beautiful state of Georgia. You have the opportunity to engage in a friendly competition with other residents of your county and see your progress throughout the weeks. Ines and I are engaged in our own friendly competition to discover which county, Gwinnett or DeKalb, has more participants!

The registration is open until October 9, 2013. For more information and to register yourself or a team of 4 friends or relatives visit the following link: Either you walk, dance, run or swim, let’s see each other at Walk Georgia!

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