Make This Summer Count!

20 Jun

Researchers are now finding that the way kids spend their summer makes a big difference in whether or not they develop well, and whether or not they succeed in school. Summer reading can help young people to maintain and improve their reading skills, improve their reading fluency, and learn new vocabulary and concepts.  readingaloud

The average student reads only 10 minutes a day outside of school. Encourage reading at home and read with your children. When parents and children enjoy summer reading together, children develop a love of books and reading that lasts a lifetime. Try some of these tips for making your young child’s summer full of literacy fun.

1. Be a motivator. When you read newspapers and books and write letters and lists, you show your young child how reading and writing are useful.

2. Schedule time each day for reading aloud and stick to it every day. Your baby, toddler or young child will look forward to this special time together.

3. Connect your reading aloud choices to summer activities. By reading and discussing books about things your child has experienced during summer activities, you help him learn vocabulary and extend his understanding of experiences.

4. Check out summer programs at your local public library. Some offer story times, sing-alongs and puppet shows during t7537453776_0ebbf60b48[1]he summer that increases the child’s opportunity to expand his or her literacy-related skills.

5. Draw your child’s attention to print and letters. When you visit the local pool, point out the list of pool rules. Allow your child to draw and write with chalk on the sidewalk.

6. Take books along on outings. Pack some books in your beach bag or picnic basket, and bring several books on long car rides. You and your child can enjoy books together anywhere you go this summer.

At home when I am reading with my son, we learn new vocabulary words to make sentences. It is fun an enjoyable experience to observe his creativity!

Share with us ways that you use at home to encourage your children to read this summer.

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