Summer Safety

13 Jun

safe summerDuring the vacation months, the hospital’s emergency rooms account for an increase in the number of injuries and wounds in children younger than 14 years of age. Thousands of children and adults suffer complications related to sports, recreational activities, and others even from their encounters with Mother Nature. While we make plans for the care of the children, we worry about their diets and their time,because we want to make sure that they will have a fun and an active summer. Nevertheless, we should think ahead of time about minimizing the risk of: falls, burns, contusions, drowns and even death.
Many experts have determined that the most common injuries during summer are related to falls, especially those from trampolines or from playgrounds. It is also very common to see fractures of arms and legs in children related to the use of their bicycles or skateboards.But the most dangerous  injuries  are the ones affecting their heads when a safety helmet is not used. Families will camp on the outdoors, increasing the possibilities of burns related to the bonfires and the use of flammable chemicals used for cooking. The aquatic activities are possibly the most enjoyable, but preventing drowns is key to have fun. Teenagers and children should be closely supervised and should be encouraged to follow the rules at the pool, the beach, lakes and everywhere water is part of the enjoyment.
Finally learning Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation is something very important for parents or for those caring for the children. We should not forget to design an emergency plan for the family so all the members will know what to do in a moment of need. Let’s get ready for a fun and free of injuries summer!

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